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Builders of tradition

We believe in building on our historical knowledge for the highest quality results

With history in tradition
and excellence

Established in Hampshire 40 years ago, RJ Smith & Co are renowned for the repair, conversion and alteration of historic buildings, churches and monuments. Knowledge gained from working on listed and historic buildings is used when undertaking our traditional or contemporary styled new commissions. We directly employ skilled crafts people ensuring our work is of the highest quality. Where specialist services are required only proven sub-contractors are selected. We have the experience and knowledge to complete any size project.

Project & historical research

We carry out historic building research for Clients and Architects where such research is required by local authorities. Each year we complete a non-commercial research project. The Smirke Façade and "Parkers" Roman Cement at Grange Park Opera is a recent example.

Read a recent R J Smith research project

Planning & conservation consultation

We work closely with local authority conservation officers ensuring our clients wishes are met whilst maintaining the building’s historic integrity. We are often called upon to assist with the preparation of conservation reports for submission from the planning phase through to completion of a project.

Use of architectural archives

We have a library of nearly 2000 volumes of conservation arts which we use as a reference for our conservation work and new build projects.

Radius of our work

Located in Hampshire and working across the South of England.

RJ Smith & Co Whitchurch